After suffering with dry and sensitive skin for many years, Maria searched for a skincare solution that was free of nasty sulphates, chemicals and allergens while also being luxurious. With a clear vision for what she was after, Nice Soap was born — Maria now handcrafts high-quality soaps and body scrubs with natural ingredients from her Auckland studio. And her skin has never been better!

From Lawyer to Soap Maker

A long way from her career as a lawyer in Russia, you'll now find Maria working tirelessly to perfect her natural, plant-based soaps in Auckland, New Zealand. Starting out in 2012 after years of dry and sensitive skin, a hobby of making soap for herself grew into an online business when friends and family kept coming back for more after seeing incredible results in the wellbeing of their skin.

You won't find Maria baking on the weekend, but you will find her enjoying a picnic with her family — and pug, Chai Latte — or relaxing with a cup of English Breakfast tea.

Perfectionist by nature, Maria is forever striving to do her best in all aspects of her busy life — mother, wife, business owner, soap maker and social butterfly! She's well in tune with the need for self-care, especially with the busy lives that women lead these days. This insight into the juggle of modern life (as well as personal skin troubles) is what lead Maria to develop her range of hand-crafted, skin-loving soaps.

Passionate about minimising chemicals and putting a priority on sustainability, Nice Soap proudly uses quality ingredients from local suppliers and eco-friendly packaging.

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Maria's Favourites

  • Shop small, shop local

    Nice Soap is a small, New Zealand-owned business that prides itself on quality, luxurious ingredients and small-batch product. Support New Zealand made and shop small business.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly

    All Nice Soap recipes are proudly palm oil free and we take every care in the world to minimise our environmental impact by using eco-friendly packaging and sustainable processes.

  • We support the SPCA

    Maria has big love for pets, and alongside her pug named Chai Latte, they support the SPCA Auckland — donating $1 from each and every order to this worthy cause.

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